Grorud Engineering Ltd

Spruce Way, Consett

County Durham


Tel:+44(0) 1207 590 471

Fax:+44(0) 1207 599 810

Grorud Engineering Limited is a highly innovative and competitive company based in the North East of England.

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Since 1956 Grorud Engineering has been setting the standard for British innovation and engineering. From our site in Consett, Co. Durham we cover the whole of the UK and beyond with a reputation built on partnership, client service, quality and delivery.


The plant offers;

  • An impressive 11,000 square metres of floor space
  • Power presses ranging from 30 to 630 tonnes
  • One of the largest capacity EP painting facilities of its type in the UK
  • Large capacity automated Powder Coating facility
  • Manual welding cells
  • Large assembly area
  • Professionally equipped Toolroom

We utilise modern production techniques to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently, enabling us to meet the tight schedules required by our customers. This gives us the ability to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is to eliminate our Customers problems.

Grorud's origins are in metal pressing and assembly. We ship a huge variety of components globally for a wide range of blue chip customers. We service sectors in automotive, healthcare and the building and construction industries.

We have now expanded to offer a more complete range of sub-contract services from design through to mass production. Our products include all types of metal based assemblies, pressings and electrophoretic dip and powder painting. One common theme all our sub-contract work shares however, is the unwavering demand for world-class levels of customer service and quality - from beginning to end. It is by consistently delivering this, that we have differentiated ourselves with all our customers.

Our automotive and healthcare customers have come to rely on our experienced and talented team. Our engineers take care of projects from the design stage, through production line development all the way to mass production. This integrated approach allows us to ensure that our quality engineers are involved in every step of the process to allow quality to be built in and not viewed as an after thought.

Our reputation is built upon our flexible approach for all sizes of organisations in all types of industries. This approach allows us to work within tight budgets and deadlines.

As a result our products are distributed worldwide, and significantly, one of our largest contracts involves the supply of high quality, safety critical parts, to manufacturing sites all over Europe.


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